Methods & Results Rpt (MRR) and Worksheets


The Methods and Results Report (MRR) is a comprehensive discussion of the methodology, process of gathering and analyzing the production data, and estimating the emissions for each Carbon Major entity. The MRR was written by Richard Heede (Principal of Climate Mitigation Services), peer-reviewed by experts in the carbon inventory field, and published on 7 November 2013. The MRR was commissioned and funded by Greenpeace International (Amsterdam) and Climate Justice Programme (Sydney).

The worksheets available below constitute the details each entity’s production of oil & NGLs, natural gas, coal, and cement from as early as 1854 to 2010, as well as additional sources of emissions (such as vented CO2, flared CO2, own fuel use, and vented or fugitive methane), non-energy uses of oil, gas, and coal, emission factors for each fuel, calculation of emissions attributed to each Carbon Major producer, and several summary worksheets by fuel and for cumulative emissions by all entities.


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Oil & Natural Gas/

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Cement Sums/
Coal Sums/
Gas Sums/
Oil Sums/

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Cemex 4p.pdf
China NS 4p.pdf
Heidelberg 4p.pdf
Holcim 4p.pdf
Italcementi 2p.pdf
Lafarge 2p.pdf
Taiheiyo 4p.pdf

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Alpha 2p.pdf
AngloAmerican 6p.pdf
Arch 2p.pdf
BHP Billiton 4p.pdf
British Coal 2p.pdf
China 6p.pdf
ChinaCoalEnergyCO (excl) 2p.pdf
CoalIndia 6p.pdf
Consol 4p.pdf
Cyprus 2p.pdf
CzechRepublic NS 4p.pdf
ExxonMobil coal 2p.pdf
FSU NS 4p.pdf
Kazakhstan NS 4p.pdf
Kiewit 2p.pdf
Luminant 2p.pdf
Massey 4p.pdf
Murray 2p.pdf
NorthAmerican 2p.pdf
NorthKorea NS 4p.pdf
Occidental IslandCreek 2p.pdf
Peabody 4p.pdf
Pittsburgh&Midway_ChevronMining 2p.pdf
Poland NS 4p.pdf
RAG 4p.pdf
RioTinto 4p.pdf
RoyalDutchShell 2p.pdf
RussianFederation NS 4p.pdf
RWE 2p.pdf
Sasol 2p.pdf
Singareni 4p.pdf
UK Coal 2p.pdf
Ukraine NS 4p.pdf
Westmoreland 4p.pdf
Xstrata 2p.pdf

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AbuDhabi 6p.pdf
Anadarko 4p.pdf
Apache 2p.pdf
Bahrain 4p.pdf
BG Group 2p.pdf
BHP Billiton 4p.pdf
BP 10p.pdf
Canadian NR 2p.pdf
Chevron 10p.pdf
CNOOC 2p.pdf
ConocoPhillips 10p.pdf
Continental 4p.pdf
Devon 4p.pdf
EcoPetrol 4p.pdf
Egyptian GP 4p.pdf
Encana 2p.pdf
ENI 4p.pdf
ExxonMobil 14p.pdf
FSU 4p.pdf
Gazprom 6p.pdf
Hess 4p.pdf
Husky 2p.pdf
IraqNOC 4p.pdf
Kerr-McGee (Anadarko) 2p.pdf
KuwaitPC 6p.pdf
LibyaNOC 4p.pdf
Lukoil 4p.pdf
Marathon 4p.pdf
MurphyOil 4p.pdf
National Iranian 4p.pdf
Nexen 4p.pdf
NigerianNPC 6p.pdf
NorskHydro 2p.pdf
Occidental 4p.pdf
Oil&GasIndia 6p.pdf
OMV 2p.pdf
PDOman 6p.pdf
PDVSA 6p.pdf
Pemex 4p.pdf
Pertamina 6p.pdf
Petrobras 4p.pdf
PetroChina 8p.pdf
Petronas 6p.pdf
PolishOilGas 2p.pdf
Qatar 4p.pdf
Repsol 4p.pdf
Rosneft 4p.pdf
RoyalDutchShell 10p.pdf
SaudiAramco 8p.pdf
Sinopec 4p.pdf
Sonangol 4p.pdf
Sonatrach 4p.pdf
Statoil 6p.pdf
Suncor 4p.pdf
Syrian 4p.pdf
Talisman 2p.pdf
Total 4p.pdf
Unocal 4p.pdf
XTO (acq XOM) 2p.pdf
Yukos 2p.pdf

Index of: Sums/Ancillary/

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Ancillary CoalCH4 12p.pdf
Ancillary EntityScopes 32p.pdf
Ancillary Flaring&Venting 16p.pdf
Ancillary NonCO2Data 10p.pdf
Ancillary Oil&GasCH4 18p.pdf

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Cement GrossEmissions 6p.pdf
Cement ProcessEmissions 6p.pdf
IndustryData 6p.pdf
USGS World&USProd 2p.pdf

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Coal CarbonCoefficient 8p.pdf
Coal Emissions 10p.pdf
Coal NonEnergyUses 6p.pdf
Coal Production 8p.pdf

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Gas EmissionFactorCalc 6p.pdf
Gas Emissions 8p.pdf
Gas NonEnergyUses 4p.pdf
Gas Production 8p.pdf

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Oil EmissionFactorCalc 6p.pdf
Oil Emissions 8p.pdf
Oil NonEnergyUses 10p.pdf
Oil Production 8p.pdf

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2010 Alpha 3p.pdf
2010 Rank 3p.pdf
Sum Alpha 6p.pdf
Sum Rank 8p.pdf
SumSum 1751-2010 12p.pdf